Audit and Assurance

Financial statement audits
We conducted our audits in accordance with International Standards on Auditing for the purpose of expressing an opinion on whether the financial statements are fairly presented, in all material respects, in accordance with an applicable framework for the preparation and presentation of financial information.


Diagnosis and/or Implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards - IFRS.
Work program to diagnose gaps between the current accounting framework and convergence to IFRS for the first time.

Risk Advisory

Implementation of ethics line (Hotline or complaints channel)
At AA&C, we are proud of the values ​​on which our culture is based and define our way of relating and acting. Therefore, in order to maintain and protect the highest standards of business ethics and integrity in all types of transactions and interactions, we have developed a simple and secure ethical line that provides anonymity and confidentiality to those people who know or suspect any activity that may involve a violation of laws, AA&C principles, its values ​​and/or the Code of Conduct and Ethics that each AA&C employee has the responsibility and commitment to report. Complaints made through this channel are received and evaluated by the Ethics Committee, which conducts a background investigation for resolution. All reports are strictly confidential.

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